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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Apple iPhone 14 Plus Price Australia

Isn’t it time to switch to a bigger and more immersive screen, powerful battery, and awesomely lightweight build? Say hi to the new Apple iPhone 14 Plus smartphone. If you want the best iPhone 14 Plus price, Skyphonez offers a great iPhone 14 Plus sale for everyone looking for a bigger display without spending a lot. 

What Are The Best Features Of iPhone 14 Plus?

New iPhone 14 Plus brings in an array of cool features that makes it a smart upgrade from its predecessor. 

  • Big Display: There are a lot of Apple fans out there who’ve been waiting for a massive display without having to pay a hefty price for the perk. The good news is iPhone 14 Plus provides you with what you’ve been calling for – a big screen, not the price. 
  • Lightweight: There is something special about the new iPhone 14 Plus. It has a bigger display while the weight is very hand-friendly. Compared to a phone with a screen this size, it’s a big win as far as the weight is concerned. 
  • Camera: Apple has given a visible upgrade to the cameras. You can take stunning shots in low light as well as in fast-action scenarios. 
  • Action Mode: This is one of the coolest upgrades in the iPhone 14 phones from the iPhone 13 Series. You can shoot amazing videos without having to try hard to stabilize your hand. 

Is iPhone 14 Plus worth buying?

A bigger display, enhanced camera, and lightweight design are worth some extra spending. Considering the overall performance, it’s one of the best iPhones in the market.

How Much is an iPhone 14 Plus Phone?

Depending on the model and internal specifications of an iPhone 14 Plus phone, it can cost between AU$ 1130 and AU$ 2077. The iPhone 14 Plus is a treat to use with an immersive screen, an impressive battery life, and a pleasantly lightweight design. Besides that, the superb Action Mode allows you to make stunning and inspiring videos. 

iPhone 14 Plus vs iPhone 14: Which One Should You Buy?

iPhone 14 is a great budget option for flagship smartphones from Apple. It has an enhanced chipset performance and improved photo and video capabilities. If you want better speeds with a bigger display, consider buying iPhone 14 Plus, instead. But both lack a 120 Hz screen refresh rate and optical zoom, which are Pro-only features.

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