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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus – A Powerful Flagship Phone 

Galaxy Note 10 Plus is here to leave its strong mark with an excellent selfie camera and action-packed rear cameras. The elegant auro colours reflect luxury from top to bottom thanks to the delicate craftsmanship behind producing this impressive flagship smartphone. The Live Focus feature offers the interesting capability to take great-looking portrait pictures with fun-to-use filters. The S Pen is fun to take notes whenever you need. The 10MP selfie camera is among the best selfie cameras you will find today. Also, the IP68 water resistance rating protects the phone against accidental spills or phone drops in shallow waters. Need accessories? We’ve got everything your favourite gadgets are asking for. Now you can enjoy the unique features and technology of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Samsung Note 10 Plus Price in Australia

With a powerful array of capable cameras and fun-filled photo filters, you will enjoy mesmerizing photos and videos. With a massive screen real estate, it looks and feels classic. It includes almost everything significant that we love about Samsung. Are you looking for the best Samsung Note 10 Plus Price in Australia? Skyphonez offers the best Samsung Note 10 Plus price in Australia with a company warranty and a 30-day refund option, making the offer suitable for everyone.

What Are The New Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Australia?

Are you looking to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? With impressive camera talent, an immersive S Pen-supported display, and a bigger battery, you’ll love every aspect of this smartphone from Samsung. Here are some of the distinguishing features worth noticing; 

Powerful Performance:

Galaxy Note 10 Plus is one of the fastest smartphones in its league of phones. It runs Dex desktop mode perfectly, with many browsing tabs open simultaneously. 

Bigger Display:

The 6.8-inch display is fun to play with the S Pen. A large screen is always a treat for the eyes, and ignoring the sharp colours and strong contrasts is hard.

Great Cameras:

With four lenses rear-camera system, you will get regular, telephoto, ultra-wide, and depth-sensing lenses. Unique new photo filters like Colour Point and new Big Circles portrait filters produce stunning selfie shots you’ll find hard to resist wanting to take again and again.

Enhanced Battery:

The powerful 4500 mAh battery is enough to get you over one day. Plus, it supports fast charging, so you will be ready for the action very soon once the battery is drained out.

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