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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Apple iPhone 14 

Are you looking to upgrade your Apple experience with a performance that can’t be overlooked? Greet the new iPhone 14. If you seek the best iPhone 14 price, Skyphonez is the place to go. From its sleek design to massively done camera to powerful performance, Apple is here to lead the next generation of powerful smartphones.

What Are The Latest Features Of The iPhone 14?

New iPhone 14 brings in an array of handy features that makes it a smart choice for loyal Apple fans. 

  • Emergency Service: A new subscription service lets you call emergency services via a satellite call in case you’re in trouble. Are you lost or got into an accident? You can call for help to the right service. 
  • Cameras: Cameras have undergone a remarkable improvement especially if you love taking shots in dim light. 
  • Action Mode: Action mode allows you to nail the video shooting with stable videos. It’s time to give farewell to shaky videos. 
  • Crash Detection: The force sensor will provide car detection and emergency calling service upon the car crash detection. 
  • Chipset Upgrade: The A15 bionic chips have been upgraded for faster and smoother performance.

Is iPhone 14 worth buying?

With a remarkable improvement and upgradation from the iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 14 is a great pick for Apple lovers. Faster performance coupled with enhanced camera powers is a treat to experience. Have a specific favourite iPhone 14 colour? You can pick from beautiful colours including midnight, starlight, red, blue, purple, and all-new yellow. With a 6.06 inches iPhone 14 size, the screen is big enough to hook your eyes on stunning colours that flow.

Which is better iPhone 13 or 14?

Are you looking to buy iPhone 14 but unsure if it’s the right time to switch from iPhone 13? iPhone 14 carries a lot of similar functionalities and features to iPhone 13 but has seen a lot of improvements and additions, as well. While both use the same A15 chipset, the iPhone 14 has got an additional GPU core which makes it faster. Cameras have been brilliantly boosted for professional video shooting. Crash detection and emergency service calls are vital add-ons for users who prefer to commute in their own vehicles.

What is iPhone 14 release date in Australia?

Apple announced iPhone 14 on September 7, 2022, and was released on September 16, 2022. You can have your hands on iPhone 14 Australia at Skyphonez, if the best price, excellent customer service, and free shipping are your favourite perks.

Why Should You Buy From Skyphonez?

Skyphonez is Australia’s leading eCommerce website for buying new and refurbished smartphones, laptops, tablets, and anything tech-related under the sun. We offer an intensive range of tech products at the best market prices. Shipping and refunds? We’ve got you covered. Every product you purchase from our website is covered with free shipping and a 30-day return option. Are you looking for the best iPhone 14 price in Australia? Skyphonez offers guaranteed lowest prices in the market.