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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Buy Zenphone 11 Ultra – Feature-rich Phone, Amazing Battery Life

Zenphone 11 Ultra is an incredible feature-rich Android phone with an excellent battery life. Every Android user will love it for so many different reasons. The display looks beautiful, battery stamina is simply surprising, and performance is simply excellent. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is behind the immense power the device has in carrying out any task you throw on it. Be it gaming, online video streaming, doing official tasks, or shooting videos. The battery lasts for almost 18 hours in automatic refresh rate mode which is one of the best battery timings around. 

Key Features 

Zenphone 11 Ultra Performance

The powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip delivers excellent processing speed, making it a brilliant phone for most users 

Zenphone 11 Ultra Design

You will love the attractive and sleek design that brings along an IP68 rating, making the phone protected against water immersion or solid materials ingression 

Zenphone 11 Ultra Camera

Brilliant triple-lens camera system for taking impressive-looking photos and videos

Zenphone 11 Ultra Battery

A solid 5500 mAh battery that lasts over 17 hours, making it one of the best battery phones on the market

How Much is the Zenphone 11 Ultra Phone Price in Australia?

Depending on the internal specifications and model of a Zenphone 11 Ultra Phone in Australia, the price can be between AU$ 1522 and AU$ 1704. Here are the prices for different variants;

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