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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Buy OnePlus Open – Foldable Phone Filled with Surprises

You will not find many foldables that offer stunning features at a lower price. OnePlus Open is one such foldable phone that brings impressive feature set, fantastic performance, and pleasant multitasking powers. Fueing the robust processing is the Snpdragon 8 Gen 2 chip that brings the true flagship performance to the front. You won’t feel down even when you are testing the device with most demanding tasks and applications. One Canvas is the phone’s feature that allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously. And finally, a skinny design carries a solid 4805 mAh battery that carries you through a day. That means you don’t have to fear the battery could ditch you in the middle of something exciting or really important.

How Much is the OnePlus Open Phone Price in Australia?

Depending on the internal specifications and features of an OnePlus Open phone, the price starts from AU$ 2443. Here are the prices of different variants;

Key Features

OnePlus Open Phone Performance

The OnePlus phones offer solid performance for the price with capable chipsets. Whether you want to run everyday applications or wish to play fun games with your friends, you don’t have to fear the annoying lags 

OnePlus Open Phone Display

The main 7.82-inch Flexi-fluid AMOLED with 2K resolution (2440 x 2268) and an outer 6.31-inch Super Fluid AMOLED (2484 x 1116) are bigger and offer greater resolution than the Pixel Fold and Z Fold 5

OnePlus Open Phone Cameras

The OnePlus phones deliver great pictures and videos thanks to capable cameras. You will get great results with every click

OnePlus Open Multitasing

One of the best foldable phones for multitasking courtesy of the One Canvas

OnePlus Open Phone Battery

The batteries are built to handle the most handy apps and features you want to use every day. With solid battery, you will get one-day usage on a single charge

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