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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

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Apple iPad Gen 7 – Cheapest iPad with Bigger Screen

If you want a solid iPad that is great at doing basic tasks and is priced decently, the iPad 7 is a perfect choice. Carrying a bigger RAM, Smart Keyboard Cover compatibility, and a marginally big screen, this is a nice tablet for the price. The most attractive thing about this 10.2-inch tablet is its ridiculously reasonable price for its amazing features and powers. Need accessories? We’ve got everything your favourite gadgets are asking for. Now, you can enjoy the unique features and technology of the Apple iPad 7. 

Apple iPad 7 Price Australia

The new Smart Keyboard is a reliable input device that works seamlessly compared with the traditional Bluetooth keyboards, that you can’t rely on. Are you looking for the iPad 7 best price Australia? Skyphonez offers the best deals for Apple iPad 7 Australia with a company warranty and a 30-day refund option, making the offer suitable for everyone.

What Are The New Features Of The Apple iPad 7?

Are you looking for an iPad 7 Australia sale? The Smart Keyboard along with a slightly bigger display are the key additions to this device. The iPad 7 supports the Apple Pencil, which was missing in the iPad 5. Here are some of the distinguishing features worth noticing; 

Solid Performance:  

The powerful Apple A10 Fusion chip ensures a fast and smooth performance, overall. Whether you use the tablet to create complex designs or record and edit HD videos, you will easily get them done.

Immersive Display:

iPad 7 offers a massive 10.2-inch Retina display to deliver a beautiful viewing time whether you watch sci-fi movies or immerse yourself in power gaming. 

Solid Cameras:

Thanks to a powerful 8 MP primary camera, you can shoot and edit 1080p videos like a pro. The Selfie camera, with a 1.2 MP FaceTime lens, allows you to impress your friends with stunning selfies anywhere, anytime.

Solid Battery:  

Thanks to all-day battery power, you can stay on top of your jobs and tasks to be done. Charge it once in the morning, and forget it for the rest of the day. 

Fun Wherever You Go:

From playing graphics-rich power games to doing stunning photography to watching movies on the go, the iPad 7 is fun to carry anytime, anywhere.

Why Should You Buy From Skyphonez?

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