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Fantastic Discounts On Oppo Products. Apply discount code OPPO20.

Samsung Z Flip 5 256GB Brand New

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Samsung Z Flip 5 256GB Brand New

  1. Foldable Design:
    • Innovative foldable design with a clamshell form factor.
    • Compact and portable when folded, expands to a larger screen size when unfolded.
  2. Display:
    • Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution suitable for both folded and unfolded modes.
    • Ultra-thin glass with a protective layer for durability.
  3. Performance:
    • Powered by a high-performance processor for smooth multitasking and handling of demanding applications.
  4. Camera:
    • Dual rear cameras for versatile photography.
    • Flex mode allows unique shooting angles and functionalities.
  5. Battery Life:
    • Long-lasting battery for all-day usage.
    • Fast charging and wireless charging capabilities.
  6. Connectivity:
    • 5G connectivity for faster internet speeds and seamless streaming.
    • NFC and Bluetooth connectivity options.
  7. Software:
    • Runs on the latest Android OS with Samsung’s UI, offering a smooth and user-friendly experience.
    • Optimized software for the foldable form factor.
  8. Design and Build:
    • Premium build quality with sleek aesthetics.
    • Hinge mechanism designed for durability and smooth folding/unfolding.
  9. Security:
    • Side-mounted fingerprint scanner for quick and secure access.
  10. Display Features:
    • Adaptive display refresh rate for efficient power usage.
    • Multi-Active Window for multitasking on the larger unfolded screen.
  11. Audio:
    • Stereo speakers for immersive sound quality.
  12. Accessories and Features:
    • Compatible with a range of accessories designed for the Z Flip series.
    • Flex mode compatibility with certain apps for enhanced functionality.This Device Will be Shipped in 3 to 5 Working days

Important Note : Any issue/fault related to the screen is claimable within 30 days of delivery. Any sort of physical damage to the phone will void the warranty.

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